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The Trinity College Choir records its beginning from 1872 when Rev. Richard Collins restarted the school, with one of the first four teachers being the Choir Master. This perhaps is significant of the fact that Trinity being a Christian school, worship held a central role. The Trinity College Choir was modelled to the standards of traditional English Public School Choirs and has carried on its rich choral tradition.

The Choir consists of boy students, aged 9-19 years, and performs at both religious and secular events.

The Choir, which is acclaimed for maintaining high standards, has a wide repertoire of music ranging from Classical, Gospel, Jazz, to Pop, has also had joint performances with other reputed choirs and musicians, both national and international.

The Choir is active throughout the year and holds a major event every term in addition to its regular function at worship services and school events. Having a historical record of musical concerts, operettas, broadcasts, and published recordings, it is widely regarded as one of the best choirs of its kind in Sri Lanka.

Choir News

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Choir Report 2016

As the Choir completes 144 years, being the oldest traditional student organization at Trinity College Kandy continuing a choral tradition of excellence from its inception, 2016 marks yet another sensational year for the highly acclaimed Choir. This year, a record number of 45 musical pieces, several of them with 8 part harmonies, have been publicly

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